Ichazo including te threefold difference, using the Persian Sufi brands Path , Oth , and you may Kath

Ichazo including te threefold difference, using the Persian Sufi brands Path , Oth , and you may Kath

12 Based on Gurdjieff, the law away from Seven or the Legislation away from Octaves is made up inside the “the point that all processes, it does not matter on exactly what level it requires place, is wholly computed with its gradual invention because of the law of the dwelling of your eight-tone measure….[T]he rules out-of octaves links most of the procedure of one’s world and, to 1 you never know the fresh bills of your passing and the legislation of your construction of your octave, they presents the potential for an exact knowledge of the things and you can all the phenomena within its extremely important nature as well as all the its interrelations which have phenomena and you can anything pertaining to they” (quoted by Ouspensky, Looking for the new Secret , 285;cf.122-40). Find Kathleen Riordan [Speeth], “Gurdjieff,” 292.

fourteen “The enneagram can be used from the examination of all processes, since it need to be within every sequences out-of occurrences” (Ibid.).

sixteen Kathleen Riordan [Speeth], “Gurdjieff,” 297-301. Select John C. Lilly and you will Joseph E. Hart, “Brand new Arica Training,” when you look at the Tart, ed., Transpersonal Psychologies , 322-40. Each other Lilly and you will Jart learned not as much as Ichazo from the Arica Institute for the Chile and you will turned into instructors of your own enneagram.

17 Including, select Richard Rohr and you will Andreas Ebert , Studying the new Enneagram: An ancient Product for a different Religious Trip (Nyc: Crossroad, 1990), 25-28; Suzanne Zuercher, O., Enneagram Spirituality: Off Compulsion to help you Contemplation (Notre Dame citas cornudos, Ind.:Ave J. Callahan, S.J., The brand new Enneagram for Teens: Counselor’s Guidelines (Chicago: Loyola College Force, 199dos), 2.

18 Just like the cited from the Ouspensky, Seeking the fresh new Miraculous , 161. “Essence in the son is really what was his very own . Personality when you look at the child is exactly what was ‘not his or her own.’ ‘Maybe not his own’ setting what has come off external, exactly what he’s discovered, otherwise shows, most of the traces off external thoughts kept regarding the thoughts as well as in the brand new feelings, every conditions and you can actions that happen to be learned, all of the emotions produced by simulation — all of this try ‘not their own,’ this is character” (Ibid.). Discover Kathleen Riordan [Speeth], “Gurdjieff,” 307.

20 Out of a job interview which have Sam Enthusiastic, “A discussion on the Ego Destruction having Oscar Ichazo,” one to to start with appeared in Therapy Now (July, 1973) and you will is actually reprinted for the Interview that have Oscar Ichazo (Nyc: Arica Institute Force, 1982), 7-8.

twenty two Ichazo, “I’m the underlying regarding an alternate Customs,” originally composed throughout the Course Magazine (Get, 1981) and you will reprinted within the Interviews with Oscar Ichazo , 133-34.


twenty seven During the one point, Ichazo revealed that it because “a state of divine presence”; discover William Patrick Patterson, Providing on Left-hand; Enneagram Trend, Save Some body Brand new Mouravieff ‘Experience (Fairfax, Cal.: Arete Correspondence, 1998), 25-26; Patterson was a beneficial follower of your tradition regarding Gurdjieff. Richard Rohr and you may Andreas Ebert claim that “Oscar Ichazo is wanting so you can claim that the fresh nine issues are unique so you’re able to him and you can were coached him ‘of the an enthusiastic Archangel while he was into the mescaline’ ” ( Understanding the new Enneagram ,12).

30 Indeed, in 1990, Ichazo’s Arica Institute charged Helen Palmer to possess copyright laws violation on account of the girl entry to enneagram character style of concept in her 1988 book, The latest Enneagram: Facts On your own additionally the Other people in your lifetime . The fresh Arica Institute shed, mainly toward factor one to Ichazo claimed to possess “discovered” unlike “invented” the latest enneagram identification models. Eg “facts” aren’t as a result subject to copyright laws safety.

33 “A discussion on the Pride Exhaustion,” 7-8. Pick and Lilly and you may Hart, “The fresh new Arica Training,” 331; Patterson, Taking on Left-hand , 24-twenty-five.


37 Ichazo correlates particular identity inclinations towards the signs and symptoms of the Zodiac. Get a hold of Lilly and you will Hart, “Brand new Arica Degree,” 342-forty-two. Ouspensky , Wanting the brand new Miraculous , 366-67.

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