Kaivalya Pada Births, herbs, mantras and tapas can help you puro attain Samadhi and its accomplishments

Kaivalya Pada Births, herbs, mantras and tapas can help you puro attain Samadhi and its accomplishments

As the evolution of the qualities of nature che esatto rest, the movements of moments do alt

True nature breaks the covers of the natural tendencies that are incidental and not useful, like a farmer paving the water course on the fields. Sense of individuality alone creates the mind. The effects of different activities appear preciso be numerous, but consciousness is one. These effects when born in the state of meditation are free from latent impressions. Though for others actions are of three types but for per yogi its colorless and without impressions. Thence the results of impressions manifest only corresponding puro the tendencies. Results of karma by memory and impressions come into play sopra an uninterrupted sequence con one form even though it appears separated by race, place or time.

These memories and impressions are eternal and the desire sicuro live is permanent. Cause and effect are mutual dependents and con the absence of effect, the cause ceases puro be. Verso yogi is puro remain durante SELF firmly overcoming or keeping aloof from the qualities of fluctuations produced by the movement of moments as time pass from past esatto present to future. The subtlest qualities of gunas become clear and objective as the time flows rhythmically and ceaselessly; a yogi remains detached onesto this. As the movement of moments goes on with the rhythmic flow of life manifesting the subtlest qualities of gunas, the evolutionary cycle keeps going but the super the soul remains unchanged. Due puro the variance con the levels of awareness of consciousness the objectiveness manifested by time is perceived differently by each person.

So the objectiveness exists independent of its manifestation by any one state of mind. Again what if the mind with the 4 antakaranas is not there puro perceive even this? Then this manifestation is mediante the state of not manifested. According to this state of mind the objectiveness remains manifested or not manifested. The ‘PURUSA’ the consciousness is constant beyond the state of evolution. He knows always of all the mind activities as if he is the illumined originale of the non-illumined mind. The mind is not self illumined as he also becomes the seen. Mind cannot comprehend both the consciousness and itself at the same time. As the mind becomes the seen, it cannot comprehend the consciousness. You alt comprehending the mind as the seer and you realize the mind and consciousness are not one.

By evolution through different births the true NATURE is revealed

Too many intellectual and memory manifestations can confuse the depth of the mind with consciousness. When pure consciousness is realized you will have the knowledge of the unmoving seer who rests con anche se intelligence. Consciousness, the seer identify with its changeless form and distinguish its own awareness and intelligence. All pervading consciousness reflects the seer and the seen. The Consciousness reflects the omniscient. A yogi should practice sicuro keep this purity intact reflecting the seen and the seer as one. The innumerable variegated tendencies are firmly united for the sake of one another. Because of this although you reach the nonostante state you have onesto remain steady on the practice of discrimination onesto remain sebbene. One who sees the SELF clearly, for him the confusion of the seen and seer disappears.

When intelligence is naughtydate seppure with the steady practice of discrimination, the consciousness is drawn towards liberation. The fissures caused by the previous tendencies can obstacle your being in the pure state. Destruct these afflictions so spoken. Even on attaining this supreme knowledge the yogi should constantly with awareness and discrimination be free from desires, contemplating the virtue of Samadhi. Then the afflictions and karma che razza di preciso an end. So keep the practice of discrimination until all your karma is played off) Then devoid of all the veils of impurities, with awareness and knowledge of the infinite everything else that is finite appears trivial. Thence qualities of nature and its course of evolution having served the purpose come esatto rest or end.

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