One of many simpler kamasutra intimate ranks, the woman lies on this lady straight back together with her feet regarding air

One of many simpler kamasutra intimate ranks, the woman lies on this lady straight back together with her feet regarding air

Her bottom should be in the side of the fresh bed along with her legs have to be crossed. The man stands against the girl and keeps to her feet if you’re he penetrates their.

64. New Ape

The guy lies on his back and provides their knees right up so you can their breasts. The lady is down on her mate up against from your as he rests his foot on her as well as penetrates the girl. Her uses the lady legs so you can harmony and you will handle the newest action.

65. The fresh Reclining Lotus

That it updates requires a lot of independency in the woman, exactly who lies on her behalf back together with her base entered.

66. Wide opened

Her lies on her behalf right back which have a pillow not as much as their lead. The man kneels anywhere between the lady feet and you may glides his feet below her back to raise their pelvis as he goes into the girl.

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67. The fresh Peg

The man lies on their straight back with his legs extended and parted. The girl depends on best out-of him together foot closed and you may stretched-out.

This is a good intercourse standing to own well-endowed couples as the man are unable to infiltrate as well profoundly, since the female’s legs is closed. Including best for intimacy as you are face-to-face.

68. Indrani

This lady lies on their right back that have a support below this lady direct. She brings her knee joints doing their tits since kid slides between this lady feet. Their has her automatically to pull the man towards the the woman and control penetration.

69. Suspended Congress

The guy leans up against a wall structure if you are lifting her regarding a floor and supporting the lady together with his hands significantly less than the woman base. The lady is also grip the man’s hips along with her legs.

70. The newest Suspended Scissors

The lady lays directly on the edge of brand new sleep having only her ft touching the fresh bed mattress to own assistance. She next balance on to the ground with her kept sleeve. The man really stands astride the girl remaining leg and brings up this lady best feet together with his give.

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71. Brand new Propeller

This one of course won’t benefit people. Actually it can simply work in case your son may be very well-endowed.

The woman lies flat on her behalf back together with her ft closed. The person lies on top away from this lady facing the exact opposite direction. After within her he can reduced flow his hips in the an effective round activity.

72. The latest Vulnerable Tiger

The guy sits for the bed along with his legs stretched out before your. This lady lies on her side, pieces her feet and you will reduced backs for the your, minimizing herself onto his manhood. Your ex base are stretched out about the person.

73. Brand new Crisscross

This lady lies on her behalf front facing off the boy together with her foot somewhat parted. The person also lies towards the his top, however, on a right direction to your lady, and slides among the lady foot to go into the girl.

74. The fresh Sensual V

This lady consist to the side of a desk together with child really stands before her. This lady needs to lift the woman base up and other people the rear of their legs into the mans arms. She can as well as wrap the woman arms as much as his shoulder for support, while he can traction the girl bottom to simply help control the fresh action.

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