Out of Taxonomies so you can Ontologies: Tailored and you can Semantic Relationship

Out of Taxonomies so you can Ontologies: Tailored and you can Semantic Relationship

Regarding the analogy more than, the second set of matchmaking is actually tailored, because they’re designated by ontologist into form of circumstances

At this year’s Taxonomy Boot camp appointment, I became acceptance to provide towards the committee providing 5-minute “Pecha Kucha” lightning discussions, for which the 2009 theme are ontology. Just as you will find various other understandings and you can usages off “taxonomy,” so there are different understandings and you will uses out-of “ontology.” You can arrive at when the away from other basics. For many who reach ontologies in the connection with taxonomies and the realm of information management, following, most simply, an enthusiastic ontology is actually a more advanced sorts of taxonomy that has had richer guidance.

In my short-term speech, “From Accidental Taxonomist so you’re able to Accidental Ontologist,” We summarized the difference between taxonomies and ontologies as follows:

  1. Relationships: Taxonomies features hierarchical and frequently an easy “related term” associative, however, ontologies keeps semantic relationships, being customized-composed.
  2. Identity Features: Taxonomies fundamentally don’t have label properties, but ontologies manage.
  3. Term Categories: Taxonomies basically lack classes to have terminology, if you do not consider factors once the kinds, but ontologies would.
  4. Guidelines/Standards: Taxonomies should follow the ANSI/NISO Z (2005) or ISO 25964, while ontologies are expected to jest loveroulette za darmo check out the net Ontology Vocabulary (OWL) advice and use the fresh new Financing Malfunction Framework (RDF).
  5. Purposes: Taxonomies assistance indexing/tagging, categorization, and/or classification out-of stuff, and as a result advice findability and you will retrieval. The key purpose of an enthusiastic ontology will be to determine a website of knowledge, and you may service regarding indexing/tagging, categorization, category, findability, and you can recovery should be secondary.
  6. Tools: Some software supporting the manufacture of merely taxonomies, particular software program is for ontologies, and some application will perform each other quite well. At exactly the same time, certain taxonomy/thesaurus application normally assistance really, if not completely, top features of ontologies.

If you can modify the matchmaking, does this transform a great taxonomy with the a good ontology? No. Tailored relationships are merely that feature regarding an enthusiastic ontology, although perhaps the essential function. During my on line course towards the taxonomies, regardless of if I really don’t illustrate how to come up with ontologies, I really do render a lesson to your tailored/semantic dating. It was desirable to create a complex taxonomy rather than necessarily meeting the standards out of an enthusiastic ontology.

The newest simple RT relationship, not, try singularly bidirectional

Additionally, a customized relationship might not be fully semantic. The latest dating also are “semantic” as they incorporate certain meaning. (Semantic mode “enjoys meaning.”) You’ll modify relationship when you are still perhaps not causing them to fully semantic. You e the standard dating to suit your sort of application and you can listeners. Such as for instance, you might rename greater term (BT)/narrower identity (NT) given that “ parent/kid ,” or rename Associated Label since “ look for and .” Whether your taxonomy/thesaurus software program is more sophisticated, it can allows you to identify numerous tailored matchmaking, and thus you could add significantly more subtleties away from definition.

An essential component from really semantic relationships sure enough in ontologies ‘s the capability to manage directional dating which might be collection of into the each recommendations, that have reciprocity. A few of these semantic relationship might possibly be variants out of “ related name ” (RT), unlike alternatives of one’s hierarchical matchmaking. For folks who just customized it by renaming it, it could should be an identical both in advice, instance have “ have partner .” To produce good semantic matchmaking partners, eg Son ( manufactures ) and you may IND ( created by the ), you desire a hack one supports ontological dating and not “customized” matchmaking.

If for example the unit supporting tailored relationships however the capacity to create collection of pairs of directional relationships which might be associative in place of hierarchical, the outcome containers remain very helpful. You may have good “close ontology” or even a simply laid out ontology. Including, you could rename brand new only one “ related title ” (RT) due to the fact “ Manufacturer-Produc t” that have an abbreviation such as Guy-Expert (Borrowing from the bank so you’re able to Alice Redmond-Neal off Availability Inple). Thus, the relationship is the identical in both assistance:

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