I got a professional Genitals Massage assured from a much better Sexual life

I got a professional Genitals Massage assured from a much better Sexual life

I’m naked, reclined all the way straight back toward a therapeutic massage dining table inside an effective strange female’s house toward borders regarding city. My feet try bent during the knee, splaying external, this new bottoms of my personal feet removed together when you look at the butterfly perspective. This lady, which sporting events pigtails and you can a beneficial Superman babydoll tee, is pushing into the front wall surface out-of my personal pussy together fingers.

I’m here to have a beneficial yoni rub (“yoni” are Sanskrit for “vagina”). The prospective isn’t climax, however, a healthier connection with one’s self, hence, theoretically, will change to a better sex life. The masseuse claims the treatment will “activate the brand new chi times within the body to allow intuitive recovery and you may release to happen.” Yoni massage therapy and other tantric means, she shows you, can enhance mans gender lifetime from the knowledge her or him care about-value and you can instinct. The idea is that if you can learn what feels good to you personally, you could potentially express that toward companion – some thing female will often have a whole lot more problem with than just men.

Sporting narrow powder-blue exudate gloves, she actually is stream grape-seed oils around my nude looks and you can massaged it, and then the woman is seeking heal my personal negative vibes

Yoni massage are adapted regarding Taoist massage and you will tantra.

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