Out of Taxonomies so you can Ontologies: Tailored and you can Semantic Relationship

Out of Taxonomies so you can Ontologies: Tailored and you can Semantic Relationship

Regarding the analogy more than, the second set of matchmaking is actually tailored, because they’re designated by ontologist into form of circumstances

At this year’s Taxonomy Boot camp appointment, I became acceptance to provide towards the committee providing 5-minute “Pecha Kucha” lightning discussions, for which the 2009 theme are ontology. Just as you will find various other understandings and you can usages off “taxonomy,” so there are different understandings and you will uses out-of “ontology.” You can arrive at when the away from other basics. For many who reach ontologies in the connection with taxonomies and the realm of information management, following, most simply, an enthusiastic ontology is actually a more advanced sorts of taxonomy that has had richer guidance.

In my short-term speech, “From Accidental Taxonomist so you’re able to Accidental Ontologist,” We summarized the difference between taxonomies and ontologies as follows:

  1. Relationships: Taxonomies features hierarchical and frequently an easy “related term” associative, however, ontologies keeps semantic relationships, being customized-composed.
  2. Identity Features: Taxonomies fundamentally don’t have label properties, but ontologies manage.
  3. Term Categories: Taxonomies basically lack classes to have terminology, if you do not consider factors once the kinds, but ontologies would.
  4. Guidelines/Standards: Taxonomies should follow the ANSI/NISO Z (2005) or ISO 25964, while ontologies are expected to jest loveroulette za darmo check out the net Ontology Vocabulary (OWL) advice and use the fresh new Financing Malfunction Framework (RDF).

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