Almost nothing into his record lived in the fresh new Old

Almost nothing into his record lived in the fresh new Old

Countering Walker’s denial you to definitely “all of the the latest scientists that Christians choose to cite, stayed when you look at the Renaissance or even the Age Enlightenment when the Chapel began to eliminate their strength”, Flynn brings a summary of Gothic natural philosophers:

Carrier’s of several problems and questionable claims because bit carry out bring a long blog post so you can outline, nevertheless the part of interest information on how he invokes brand new Renaissance.

Jean Buridan de Bethune, Nicole d’Oresme, Albrecht out of Saxony, William off Heytesbury, Albertus Magnus, Robert Grosseteste, Thomas Bradwardine, Theodoric away from Fribourg, Roger Bacon, Thierry out-of Chartres, Gerbert away from Aurillac, William out-of Conches, Nicholas Cusa, John Philoponus.

The complete concept of the brand new Renaissance since the a time can be incoherent and you may, while we can see, loaded with biases and value judgements, few of hence withstand scrutiny

Flynn and additionally appears chronologically challenged. Nearly all them are in the Very early Renaissance (13th century or afterwards), perhaps not the fresh new Middle ages, a beneficial chronological distress many apologists to own medieval Christianity hunt suspiciously likely to.

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