Horse Dildo Guide: The Best Equine Dildos For Horsing Around

Horse Dildo Guide: The Best Equine Dildos For Horsing Around

Horse dildos have a unique shape and design. The head is flared and gives a thrilling pop sensation as you slide it in your hole. More importantly though, they are big! These bad boys will go deep.

Chance the Stallion Horse Dildo

This is the best quality horse dildo I have been able to find. It has an incredibly detailed texture and is made from 100% platinum-cure silicone, my favorite material. It’s body safe, easy to clean, a real premium horse dildo.

You can get this dildo on amazon for a good price or they are also available on the Bad Dragon website. On the official website you can choose between 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Ranging from 8 inches long and 3.75 inches girth for a small to a massive 17.5 inches long and 8.25 inches of girth on the extra large.

For firmness you can choose soft, medium or firm. If you aren’t sure what uniform dating firmness is best for you bad dragon also sells a firmness sample set for $10.

Being able to pick a size and firmness is a perk that most dildos don’t have. It can make all the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

Using it

This toy is great for depth fanatics. Just remember to warm yourself well for it, and I mean WELL. Use plenty of lube and take it slow.

For this review I got a small/soft from Amazon for $75. I managed to take the entire toy on my first try but it did take some work.

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