She actually is some brief, somewhat more four feet extreme

She actually is some brief, somewhat more four feet extreme


Maggie are an attractive young woman having dark brown hair, pale epidermis, highest cheekbones, full mouth, startling brown vision, and you will white heavy eyelashes. Centered on Liz Forbes, Kelly Donovan, and you will Abby Bennett Wilson, she’s commonly borne certain similarity in order to her mom, Miranda Sommers-Gilbert, sharing the girl wavily tresses on her behalf past shoulder, an oval-designed face into delicate limbs build. Maggie has a lean figure, brief bust, and slim pelvis-regardless of if she doesn’t view it, neither really does she see the beauty others may see in her own.

There was a time whenever Maggie felt herself as a beneficial smaller, quicker breathtaking, and a lot more childlike version of their mother, even when people differ. She’s told through several people are sweet or beautiful, even after what she actually thinks of herself. Damon and Kol is even demonstrated to select their beautiful once the really just like the tough and you may says you to definitely Maggie, as opposed to most other females, simply cannot know it.

Strength and you may Efficiency

As a beneficial Banshee, Maggie enjoys a variety of supernatural powers that is certainly useful individuals consequences. Due to the trephination performed, she had gained the latest efforts in addition to which have some of the lady preexisting efforts amplified, but it’s got since become corrected because of the Bonnie Bennett. However, as series changed, Maggie’s powers became more powerful and you will healthier, since the performed the girl level of command over them. Maggie has also of numerous person show and experiences you to definitely work for the woman life on supernatural industry, and additionally the lady people overall.

Banshee Energies:

  • Harbinger out of Dying Feel: Since the a good Banshee, Maggie can feel when someone keeps passed away and will assume when some one is virtually demise. This is usually with a trance-eg believe that draws the woman to people that deceased otherwise near-death, no matter if, with practice, she’s got gotten greatest in the being aware of exactly what she is undertaking when this occurs. Through the her first-ever Banshee fugue condition, she strolled naked about hospital was a student in the new woods drifting available for almost several entire months.
  • Clairaudience: New ears out-of good Banshee try of course tuned so you’re able to quantities of new world that simply she will tune in to. This provides the lady a capability to detect details of a person’s dying (or impending demise) from audio she will be able to understand which no body otherwise can also be.
  • Divination: As a beneficial Banshee, whose powers usually are referred to as and you can/otherwise than the psychics, Maggie may use divination to increase facts about the new deaths her Banshee intuition is sensing.
  • Sound Divination: Maggie, using the woman energy from clairaudience, can divine getting advice by using voice vibration to help you end in the lady capacity to perceive supernatural efforts. She appear to spends which ability, such as for instance whenever she plucked towards chain to choose one to Bonnie is fantasizing, whenever she decrease a few bullet casings to a material dining table to learn Damon’s Salvatore’s shouts understand he had been caught, of course, if she made use of the empty number regarding record-player in order to divine .
  • Premonitions: Once the a Banshee and you will Harbinger off Dying, Maggie gets the capability to feel premonitions that allow her to help you feel somebody’s passing, which lets this lady so you can discern exactly how one becomes deceased, in which it pass away, and/otherwise just what will cause the dying to begin with. That it fuel is most often made use of because the an extension from her fuel regarding clairaudience, since supernatural phenomena one she will spark escort girls be able to experience with her increased hearing takes the type of auditory premonitions away from a beneficial supernatural-associated death; She has and additionally received clues on other people who was indeed from inside the threat. Although not, just like the Maggie’s efforts grow, the woman premonitions has advanced regarding being purely auditory in order to being visual too, making it easier for her so you can interpret what their premonition is trying to give their. Maggie’s premonitions aren’t constantly literal and certainly will always be upwards getting translation, specifically because of the fact that brand new premonitions do not typically is every outline out of somebody’s demise.

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