The guy sometimes conserves visitors otherwise opposition simply because the guy empathizes having him or her

The guy sometimes conserves visitors otherwise opposition simply because the guy empathizes having him or her

Fatal Drawback

Based on Athena, Percy’s fatal flaw is actually excessive personal respect: however chance the country and also his personal existence to cut his friends and family. Whenever Percy protests you to definitely personal commitment actually all that bad, Athena says “Probably the most dangerous problems are great moderately” The newest goddess is naturally displeased you to definitely her very own daughter was a keen target of that respect. Kronos in the past cheated it attribute about Super Thief (Sally Jackson), The sea of Beasts (Grover), and the Titan’s Curse (Annabeth Pursue). Regarding Man of Neptune, Mars says so you can Frank that Percy’s flaw create obstruct the completion of the Prophecy regarding Seven unless of course his boy manages to intervene, and therefore concerns Frank, but Hera claims one to their fatal flaw keeps new eight with her.


Percy was afraid of the nice Prophecy. When Phobos makes Percy select their bad worry throughout the Demigod Files story, Percy saw one his mistake of Olympus create put the fresh go camping for the flame together with loved ones inside, which will be interpreted just like the losing the individuals close to your.

Once the a kid away from Poseidon, Percy try claustrophobic. Simply because on the Boy of Neptune, the guy sunken during the good muskeg regarding an enthusiastic Alaskan bog. plus one reasoning is that he is accustomed open, 100 % free and you can nuts towns and cities for instance the water. Although not, his claustrophobia will not appear to bother him regarding Race from the brand new Labyrinth, this you may simply be he merely will get disturbed whenever confined, but is nonetheless useful with his earlier phobia now just acts because the a gentle annoyance.


Percy have a great “Mediterranean” skin. He’s got dishevelled, jet-black hair swept to 1 side as the “when the he just adopted a stroll to the seashore” and ocean-eco-friendly azerbaijan dating free app vision, he inherited regarding his father and grandmother. The guy also offers a beneficial sarcastic, troublemaker laugh. Percy gets his good looking appears regarding his father, a conclusion as to why Medusa wanted to uphold a sculpture out of him. He cannot seem to know it otherwise will get simply won’t admit they, but a great number of women look for your really glamorous. He was complimented because of the Calypso, just who then expected if or not he had been in love, Percy says, “For those who could see the head. Needless to say, you.”

At the beginning of this new series, Percy are mediocre for the athletics but afterwards regarding their education, gets extremely match, muscular, and lean. The guy received a grey move of locks in the Titan’s Curse out-of carrying the brand new heavens however, provides due to the fact shed they, as previously mentioned on the Draw out of Athena. Once the guy slew Polybotes about Kid regarding Neptune, Percy acquired a tat regarding a trident and you can SPQR to the underside from their left arm in order to denote that he is a complete member of the brand new Roman Twelfth Legion Fulminata. After its reunion regarding Mark from Athena, Annabeth claims that Percy grew even more good looking, muscular, tall, and tanner.

Also Hazel stated that “[Percy] met with the apperance of an excellent Roman god.” Based on Piper regarding the Mark off Athena, Percy has the aroma of the sea, looks like an excellent skater and an excellent troublemaker, but she can nonetheless see just what females would want on the your, regardless if he isn’t their method of. Piper afterwards states that if Percy begs, their water-eco-friendly attention appeared to be “such as a lovely kids seal one needed let” and you may marvels on just how Annabeth had ever acquired an argument which have him.

From the Invisible Oracle, new goodness Apollo was strike by the Percy’s intimate similarity to help you their dad Poseidon, noting which he met with the exact same good-looking have, “and this without difficulty moved on regarding jokes so you can outrage.” He had been noted having a lot of time, agile fingers, having Apollo stating you to Percy’s hands was good for a musician. Percy had enough time, tousled tresses, and you can dressed in tattered jeans and you will a great hoodie that says AHS move people inside.

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