we’re sponsoring the true/false film fest

we’re sponsoring the true/false film fest

When David Wilson isn’t directing or producing video content for Aggregate or making films of his own, he serves as the “Co-Conspirator”—alongside Paul Sturtz—of the True/False Film Fest, one of the country’s most well-regarded documentary film festivals.

Now in its tenth year, True/False is a reflection of David and Paul’s love for great documentaries, powerful storytelling, talented filmmakers and Columbia, Missouri, the festival’s home town and the happiest place on earth every year at the end of February/beginning of March.

Because of our love of storytelling, our belief in its ability to change the world (for the better) and our love for and belief in David, Aggregate is excited to announce that we are sponsoring the festival in 2013 and hopefully in years to come.

If you can get to Missouri February 28-March 3, join us at the festival. You won’t be disappointed.

(And check back for highlights from the fest.)


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